Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Our staff consists of experienced and well qualified professionals who hold current state certification and ACSI certification. Many of our teachers have advanced degrees. All teachers have answered a call to work here. We are honored to have four teachers who are graduates of the Academy.

Head of School
Natasha Sherwood

Sharon Phillips

Lisa Moldauer
Ana Lopez
Paula Powell 
Nina Cherry
Maria Molina
Stephanie Williams
Genie Zaragoza

Security and Facilities
Angel "Tito" Balleste
Lazaro Escobio

Barbara Alavarez

Emily Binder
Karen Dyrli
Timothy Encinosa
Amber Escalante

Juan Garcia
Selma Grantham
Jennifer Head
Alicia Irizarry

Janell Linfernal
Kristina Linfernal
Alyssa Moore
Jessica Odell

Lydia Rivera Ortiz
Jeanne Patterson
Yairis Martinez Perez

Bruce Reierson
Carmen "Lizzy" Rodriguez

Iris "Enid" Rodriguez
Belkys Santos
Alba Sewell
Bruce Sewell
Patricia Summers
Hypatia Tapia

Cheryl Velasquez
Jackie Weaver
Lisa Wehner